Sunday, April 14, 2024

Schwartzy’s Cat Cove Reaches 100 Adoptions in Less than 5 Months

Schwartzy’s Cat Cove, adoptable cat (WY Daily/Jillian Appel)

WILLIAMSBURG — Schwartzy’s Cat Cove at The Nautical Dog recently marked helping its 100th cat find its forever home — less than five months after opening.

The adoption process is worked in tandem with the Heritage Humane Society. Cats from Heritage come to stay at the Cat Cove, with Nautical Dog customers welcome to sign a waiver to visit and sit with the adoptable furry friends. There is even a vending machine for treats if you feel inclined to bond with a particular feline.

If someone finds a cat to their fancy, there is a binder in the room that provides information on the cats and steps to complete the adoption through the Heritage Humane Society.

Adoptable cats at Schwarty’s Cat Cove (WY Daily/Jillian Appel)

“This started as a tribute to Schwartzy, Nautical Dog’s first mate and original shop cat. It was intended to be a place that shelter cats would love to be at and for people to see what awesome animals cats are. In fact, many of our adoptions have come from ‘non-cat’ people, or those who were not looking to add to their families,” Schwartzy’s Cat Cove said on its Facebook page.

Schwartzy’s Cat Cove is located in New Town and is connected to Nautical Dog. For more information about Schwartzy’s Cat Cove or the Nautical Dog, check out the official website. Adoption applications can also be found on the Heritage Humane Society website.

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