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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Jamestown Rediscovery Hosts Archaeology Kids Camp

Campers look on in suspense while Senior Conservator Dan Gamble and the archaeology team meticulously remove a large iron object from a unit north of the Fort. (Courtesy of Jamestown Rediscovery)

JAMESTOWN — Jamestown Rediscovery at Historic Jamestowne welcomed 17 campers to its archaeology kids camp this week, where young participants had a hands-on opportunity to take part in a real archaeological dig with the Jamestown Rediscovery field team.

“We’re so glad to be hosting campers again this year,” said Staff Archaeologist & Ed Shed Manager Natalie Reid. “Our summer camp is a unique experience where campers are working alongside field archaeologists on active projects to help us uncover the history of James Fort. The history they’re uncovering in the ground cements the history they’re learning in the classroom. It’s really fun to see their excitement when they find their first artifact or watch them crack up calling corroded iron nails ‘Cheetos,’ because they really look like Cheetos!”

A camper shows off the base of a glass wine bottle he found while excavating north of the Fort. (Courtesy of Jamestown Rediscovery)

Campers ages 8-12 learned about different excavation methods, digital technology like Ground Penetrating Radar and GIS mapping, artifact identification, and historic trades.

Learning about these various techniques, the campers excavated at the North Field site where, according to Jamestown Rediscovery, “[T]hey have uncovered a variety of artifacts from different time periods, including fragments of glass wine bottles, plenty of iron nails, and European & Virginia Indian ceramics.”

The Jamestowne Rediscovery Foundation (RDF) says it’s looking forward to continuing to offer these camp experiences for kids every year.

“Summer camp at Jamestown is one of the only sites where young learners can experience archaeology hands-on through participation in real excavations that help foster an interest in the history of Jamestown and early Virginia,” according to a press release.

Announcements about the 2023 programs will be available in early 2023. For more information or to sign-up for summer camp announcements, visit

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