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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Ferris’ Day Off: Frothy Moon Brewhouse

HISTORIC TRIANGLE — Part beagle, part foxhound and all attitude, Ferris Bueller (no, not THAT Bueller but, definitely named after the ’80s icon) is a one-year-old pup who loves to head out on adventures and explore new places and meet people.

Stopping in to Frothy Moon Brewhouse has become a Ferris favorite. While the humans love the beverage choices, there is also a lot of outdoor space to explore and meet new people and pups.

“At Frothy Moon Brewhouse we extend a warm welcome to all dog lovers and their furry companions on the Frothy Moon Brewhouse Patio. While we adore our four-legged friends, due to licensing specifications we kindly ask that dogs remain outside, in our beautiful outdoor space,” said Melissa Trainum of Frothy Moon Brewhouse. “Who knows, next time you’re with us maybe your pup will get to meet Ferris when he visits us on his days off?”

Much to our surprise, as we settled into a nice shady spot on the patio, a family came up and asked if this was the dog from! That signature Ferris ‘smile’ is a dead giveaway and we immediately made some new friends.

Having pet-friendly spaces for Ferris to get out and socialize are important to us. As a hound, he needs the stimulation and opportunity to use his skills to learn about the world and activate his brain.

As we explore the historic triangle, Ferris meets lots of other dogs. Lizzie Devenish and her dog Charlie were enjoying an evening at Frothy Moon when we were there. “It is so nice to have so many places to take your dog in Williamsburg. It is great to have a dog that is somewhat adjusted in public and you can take them out to practice,” explained Devenish while Charlie sat listening and wondering if this conversation involved treats.
Hanging out on the patio, we met Zach Thompson and Stella. Having just gotten off work, Thompson, who had plans to catch up with a friend at Frothy Moon, thought it was important to get Stella out of the house after a long day. Stella seemed content to just lay at her human’s feet and people-watch.
As we began heading to the car, we noticed all the fun outside activities Frothy Moon provides. There is a stage for live music, cornhole boards and even a little putting green.  With so much to do, Ferris and family highly recommend this establishment as a pet and family-friendly hangout.
Learn more about Frothy Moon Brewhouse in a previous WYDaily article and be sure to visit its Facebook page to find out about the latest events and releases.

Happen to spot Ferris out on an adventure? Come say hello! If you have a dog-friendly suggestion you would like Ferris to consider covering or visiting, please email his mom. Hounds are not very good at responding.

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