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Friday, May 24, 2024

Kingsmill Resort Announces a $25M Investment

(Kingsmill Resort)

WILLIAMSBURG — Escalante Golf, owner of Kingsmill in Williamsburg, announced a $25 million investment in the resort’s amenities, club, and guest experience over the next five years.

The vision of the Escalante Kingsmill team is to enhance the resort and club’s status as a premier golf resort and vacation destination, offering an “ever-evolving and world-class experience” for guests, residents, and local, regional, and national membership.

On Feb. 22, Escalante Golf, Kingsmill Realty, Kingsmill Resort, and the Kingsmill Community Services Association Board, which is led by local residents, showcased that vision with the local community to garner feedback.

“We are thrilled about the future of Kingsmill. We believe our slow growth development plans will enhance the Kingsmill experience and provide housing alternatives for current residents and new neighbors alike,” said Jonathon Haack, Vice President of Real Estate Escalante Golf.

Starting with the renovation of the Fitness Center in the Sports Club facility, the project will embark on a 5-year, $25 million capital improvement campaign that will touch every aspect of the resort.

Expansion of the resort’s real estate footprint and options will take place over the next 10 to 15 years, resulting in a total of roughly 240 homes which it promises will be a modern interpretation of the architectural heritage of the region.

“It is an exciting time at Kingsmill Resort,” said Michael Pierce, General Manager. “We broke ground in February on an extensive renovation to our fitness center and are now able to commit to a 5-year, $25 million investment in the resort’s amenities to improve the overall experience for club members and resort guests”.

Kingsmill Community Services Association’s elected officials will hold meetings
in March and April to solicit feedback from the community regarding these ideas and concepts.

“Improving the arrival experience and shared amenities with the community is a top priority. Enhancing open space, trails, community gathering areas, and gate houses will help maintain strong home values and quality of life for years to come.” Jonathon Haack, Vice President of Real Estate Escalante Golf.

The proposed projects would include improvements to both gatehouses and the entrance. A new Kingsmill Community Park would provide multiple fields for athletic competitions, covered pavilion areas for large gatherings and holiday celebrations, a dog park, and playgrounds.

(Kingsmill Resort)

Escalante Golf has also committed to an expansion of its housing options.

Kingsmill said it would give residents and club members regular updates on all the steps taken as the project moves forward.

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