Sunday, September 24, 2023

Students and Educators Participate in Project Inclusion Retreat at Jamestown 4-H

JAMESTOWN — More than 55 students and educators from Kecoughtan and Phoebus High Schools are participating in the Project Inclusion retreat program conducted by the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities.

The program takes place Thursday, Feb. 9 to Sunday, Feb. 12 at the Jamestown 4-H Educational Center.

Project Inclusion brings high school students together to discuss a variety of topics, including diversity, identity, prejudice, and inclusive leadership, according to the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities. Participants gain valuable skills that will assist them to deal with group dynamics, conflict management, intergroup relations, communication, and advocacy. Students develop action plans to help bring about inclusive changes in their school culture.

“Through Project Inclusion, students are able to better demonstrate understanding and appreciation for their peers and neighbors who are from the variety of racial, religious, and ethnic groups that make up their schools and surrounding community,” says Jonathan Zur, President & CEO of the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities. 

For more information, call the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities at 804-515-7950 or visit

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