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Williamsburg’s Trivia Guy Brings SpeedQuizzing to the Historic Triangle

(Stephanie Sabin/WYDaily)

WILLIAMSBURG — Matt Chambers, the “Trivia Guy of Williamsburg,” spends his evenings hanging out at local breweries questioning the knowledge of their patrons — and no one is offended.

That’s because Chambers provides entertainment through his company, Squared Away Entertainment.

(Stephanie Sabin/WYDaily)

Chambers, who will retire after 20 years from the Army National Guard in March, had a friend that taught him how to DJ. Which eventually led him to opening his own business, Squared Away Entertainment, here in Williamsburg.

“My company started out as only DJing,” says Chambers, “but, I wanted add something different. Not just regular trivia or karaoke. Then I found this company based out of the U.K. where SpeedQuizzing is really big.”

Being the first company to bring SpeedQuizzing to Virginia gave Chambers something fun and new to share around town.

SpeedQuizzing VA boasts trivia play with “no pen, no paper, and no cheating.” It is free to join the game. Players only need a smartphone to log in to the app. From there, individuals or teams create their names and chose a “winning” sound.

“The game can be competitive. Players want to see their name flash on the screen and hear their sound being played when they get the correct answer,” said Chambers, “And, I love the interaction with the crowd.”

General knowledge trivia is mixed with themed categories or themed game nights.

Theme nights are very popular. Chambers has created polls on the Facebook page that allows people to suggest and vote for their favorite topics.

(Stephanie Sabin/WYDaily)

“The community loves that this is not just random trivia. Theme nights present people questions about the things they know, specifically, and are good at,” said Chambers.

Winning teams receive a gift certificate and the distinctive title of “Trivia World Champion (for the night)”.

“The belt,” chuckles Chambers, “I started taking pictures of the winners holding up the title belt. They like to show off that they are smarter than everyone and they are the champion. Everyone seems to love it!”

You can join in on the fun Monday through Friday at locations around the area. Don’t want to leave your house? A virtual trivia evening is scheduled for Feb. 11. Go to the SpeedQuizzing Facebook page to find where and when trivia is available.

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