Saturday, September 23, 2023

Jamestown 4-H Branches Out with Adult Cooking Classes

(Jamestown 4-H)

JAMESTOWN — Most people do not associate the 4-H Club with adult programs, but Jamestown 4-H is hoping to change that mindset — the organization began hosting adult cooking courses in January.

“One thing we want to get out is that we are not just a summer camp,” said Stephanie Smith, Community Outreach Director.

Jamestown 4-H has hosted four themed classes: Tex-Mex Tamale Night, New America Rustic Cuisine, Charleston Southern Fried Chicken, and Cajun Seafood Crab Boil.

Attendees are invited into the kitchen, where Chef Mark Flores walks them through the recipes. At the end of the lessons, participants sit down and enjoy the meal together, along with food trivia, music, and comradery.

“The cooking program gets people out and gives them an experience. It is not just going out to dinner. We make dinner, get our hands dirty and while this is happening we see a community of people coming together,” said Smith.

(Jamestown 4-H)

Due to popularity, the Fried Chicken and Tamale nights will be repeated later in February, in addition to a special Vegan General Tso course scheduled for March. There is a possibility more classes will be added, with Smith saying they are considering an Italian-themed night.

“We did not expect the super fun aspect of the classes,” said Smith, “People laugh, joke around and just relax. By the end of the night, we have just had a blast!”

Classes size is limited. Classes are open to adults 21 and over and cost $60 per person. For more information, visit the Jamestown 4-H webpage.

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