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The Bulb Blog: How to Successfully Keep Your Bulbs Blooming

Bulbs are a great indoor plant to grow that you can strategically force to bloom, even during the winter months! Brightly colored and sweet-smelling flowers are the perfect combatant to the dreary winter months.

Once you’ve successfully grown and forced your bulbs to bloom indoors, it can be tricky to keep the blooms as long as possible. Never fear; we have you covered! Here are some secrets that will help keep your bulbs thriving for as long as possible.

Secret 1: Keep Your Plant Cool

  • Cooler temperatures will extend your bulb’s life while growing indoors
  • Most homes are kept around 70 degrees, but this is too warm for bulbs full-time!
  • The secret is to place your plant in a room around 50-60 degrees at night to double the life of your blooms

Secret 2: Don’t Let Them Get Leggy

  • Naturally, blooms grow in search of the sun, but that can take a lot of energy when growing bulbs indoors
  • This can result in overly long stems that won’t be strong enough to hold the bloom up
  • The secret is to keep a grow light that emits little to no heat about a foot above your plant, so they don’t have to reach as far for the right amount of light
  • This will keep the stems short and provide longer blooms!

Secret 3: Don’t Overwater

  • Overwatering is a sure way to get root rot and cause all sorts of problems
  • Soil is the best medium to grow your bulbs in while indoors, but it should be well-draining
  • The secret is to water every couple of days when the soil is dry to the touch

If you’re eager to grow bulbs indoors this winter, we have bulbs for sale that will be sure to brighten your home!

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