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We Go Beyond Banking Because Your Goals Go Beyond Banking

At Chesapeake Bank we believe that banking is not the most important thing we do. Because we believe a loan isn’t really a loan. It’s about adding a new space to a home where first steps and first words enter the world. That new bakery…it’s not just a new business to us. It’s a place where the community comes together and grows stronger. And our customers are really our neighbors. Even the furry ones. And we believe a phone call to your bank is always a conversation with an actual person.

When you begin to look at banking solutions as people solutions, it changes how and why you do what you do as a financial institution. Now it’s not just about offering customers the best financial products and services, it’s about people helping people, which has been our mindset for over 120 years. We started as a local community bank along the shores of the Northern Neck with the goal of helping our neighbors achieve their dreams. Now after 120 years that desire remains unchanged.

Every day we work to go beyond banking within our brick-and-mortar walls and within our communities. Some days, this means visiting a client to help with their online banking needs. For instance, when a customer had visited a branch after being advised that her account was hacked and realizing the hacker changed her banking login and password, the Chesapeake Bank team not only resolved the login issue but visited the customer’s house to be sure her computer had not been compromised.

Other days the beyond banking practice calls for Chesapeake Bank to step into their communities to make an impact. Just as they did during the pandemic, serving 121 organizations with 4,710 hours between 92 volunteers.

Though most days, going beyond banking simply means being a live and reachable support team who will answer the phone when called to give same day service. Not just for the customer who lives down the street but for the local business who relies on Chesapeake Bank as their credit card processor and needs immediate help to resolve an issue. Beyond banking means helping to achieve goals and solve problems.

This is Chesapeake Bank. And this is Beyond Banking. To find out all the ways we Go Beyond Banking visit

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