Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Prepare: Don’t Leave Cost and Decision-Making to Your Family

Did you know that every ten years, the cost of a funeral doubles? Per the ICCFA – International Cemetery Cremation Funeral Directors Association the average cost of a funeral multiplies by 100% each decade.

Williamsburg Memorial Park strives to help alleviate the stress associated with rising costs due to inflation by educating families and helping them to plan NOW for the future. General Manager, Angela Byrum states that a main goal of hers “is to make sure your family isn’t sitting across the table in several years being told that the funeral will be much more than you originally planned for.”

One of the benefits of planning for the future with Williamsburg Memorial Park? The funeral you pay for today, with today’s prices, will be secured and locked in for the future regardless of what happens to associated costs. There will be no “that price has gone up, you owe us a bit more.” Williamsburg Memorial Park wants to completely alleviate the stress for your family by allowing you to cover all costs and decision-making now.

Why is this a big goal of theirs? Family and loved-ones should be able to mourn and celebrate your life without added stresses. By addressing your future needs now, you’ll feel a sense of peace knowing that you won’t cause additional heartache or headaches in the future. Your loved-ones won’t emotionally overspend on your arrangements, and your funeral will be exactly what you want!

Added bonus: not only will you get a better choice of lot location, you can also plan to save space for your family, too. Even if you end up moving out of the area, any purchase you make can be transferred to another participating property through ICCFA transfer program.

The easiest way to get your pre-planning off of your to-do list? Call Williamsburg Memorial Park at 757-565-2006 to get started today!

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