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Ten Questions with Ti’Juana Gholson

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WILLIAMSBURG — WYDaily sat down to learn more about Ti’Juana Gholson, who along with her husband Lawrence Gholson, is the definition of the word entrepreneur. Gholson has training as a social worker and currently is active in the healthcare industry, real estate and several business ventures in addition to being a published author and public speaker.

How many businesses do you currently run? 7 for profits & 1 nonprofit.

How do you do all these different things? Well, I can tell you, I don’t do it alone. I can not take all the credit. I have a team that helps me achieve my vision.

Why do you take on so many projects? I like to help people. I, actually, like people and enjoy seeing people win especially women. I feel like woman have so much in us that has been overlooked. It is time for women to stand up!

Your business philosophy? Bring everybody and help everybody. We are in this together. That is an extension of how I was raised.

What is your secret to success? Leveraging Relationships — Recognizing that relationship currency is one of the most significant elements in a person’s success model.
What do you think are some challenges facing women in business today? Insecurities: not OWNING their place and not knowing their worth. Purpose: not truly knowing their purpose and why they do what they do. Knowing your WHY is essential to knowing your worth and knowing your worth is essential to being secure.
What is your most significant professional accomplishment to date? The relationships I have built over the years. I’ve acquired my wealth because of the relationships I have.
What is something you wish you knew earlier in your career? The art of leveraging relationships and collaboration. I didn’t know earlier what I know now. Because of not trusting people I wasn’t open to collaboration. With age my views have changed. Earlier in life I thought I just had to work hard and that’s it. I didn’t TRULY know the power of having my name come up in rooms I weren’t in due to the relationships I have.
What do you like to do for downtime/how do you relax? Travel, Read, Spa Treatments.

What is the next step in your journey? I feel like this is a graduation…I am graduating to strictly helping people, helping groups, going out and speaking, traveling. I think I am finally at a point where I can do that and move on to new things.

Learn more about Gholson and her projects here.

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