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Catalillies Play Cafe to Celebrate its Grand Opening Saturday

Catalillies Play Cafe will celebrate its grand opening on Mar. 11 (Provided by Catalillies Play Cafe and taken by Lydieth V Photography)

WILLIAMSBURG — Catalillies Play Cafe, a new cafe and indoor play concept, will celebrate its grand opening on Saturday, Mar. 11.

Lillian Wilborne, a mother of two young children and the owner of Catalillies, started off in the music industry, working for EMI Records before the recession in the 2000s. Following, she worked with various businesses before moving into independent work helping companies to grow, which led her to open a personal assistant business before moving to Williamsburg.

Catalillies Play Cafe aim is to serve children, families, and parents who want to get out of the house — either to meet with others, or fill a work-life balance in a safe, indoor environment.

“We just wanted to create a space that was a safe space for kids, that had a good amount of imaginative space that they really grow that, and enough gross motor that they could really work out their wiggles,” Wilborne explained.

Owner Lillian Wilborne and her family (Provided by Catalillies Play Cafe and taken by Lydieth V Photography)

The goal of Catalillies is to not only serve the community, but the local business community, as well. The play cafe offers beverages and snacks from other locals, and is also inviting other businesses, including Dominion Dogs, to its open play event for its grand opening celebration Saturday from 2-6 p.m.

“We carry Column 15 coffee and Rising Tide Bakery, things like that just trying to work in as many local businesses as possible to just grow everyone together,” Wilborne said.

Catalillies Play Cafe is in the James York Plaza shopping center and will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. for the event with Open Play scheduled all day. For more information about Catalillies Play Cafe, including cost, booking, and other offerings — visit its official website.

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