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Rain, shine, COVID or not, the Great Williamsburg Adventure Race is still happening. Here’s how you can participate

Businesses in the city limits of Williamsburg host Challenge Stations for the Great Williamsburg Adventure Race. (WYDaily/ Courtesy of Adam Stackhouse)

This year will be the sixth year of the Great Williamsburg Adventure Race, and no pandemic can put a stop to it.

The Great Williamsburg Adventure Race is a “fun and creative way” for William & Mary students and residents alike to get better acquainted with local businesses, organizers said.

The event is sponsored by the city of Williamsburg, and produced by AVAdventure Productions, a local live event and videography company run by two William & Mary alumni, according to a news release from the Williamsburg Economic Development Department.

Similar to a scavenger hunt, participants go from business to business finding clues and completing activities.

Businesses participate for free by hosting a Challenge Station players will visit to complete an activity, donating a prize to be raffled off to a participating team at the end of the race, or both. Event producers will work with businesses to create a fun and unique activity related to the product or service provided by the business.

Past activities have included mock job interviews, installing carpet samples, and recording radio promos, according to the news release.

But because of the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s race will look a little different.

The race this year will not be timed, so teams don’t have to rush through activities at Challenge Stations.

Any business in the city limits of Williamsburg can participate this year, too. In previous years, only businesses within walking distance from the Williamsburg Community Building were allowed. With a multi-day, untimed race, all Williamsburg businesses can join in on the fun.

Teams this year will be smaller, too. Only two people can form a team, whereas previously, teams consisted of two to four participants.

And, of course, teams have to wear masks when going inside businesses.

So how many teams will sign up this year?

“In 2019, 81 teams registered, each with 2-4 players. We are planning for a similar number of teams this year. The total number of teams will be sent to all Challenge Station hosts prior to the start of the event,” according to the news release.

Businesses without a physical location, like ones operating out of a home, can team up with physical locations zoned for business within the city limits.

The Great Williamsburg Adventure Race will run Oct. 22-25.

Tickets are required for all participants, and all teams must register in advance.

The cost is $20 per team, but current William & Mary students can race for free. Tickets will be available at the end of September on Eventbrite.

For more information, you can visit the event’s webpage.

Businesses interested in participating can email AVAdventures at team@theAVAdventure.com.


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