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New BBQ restaurant on York Street plans to use the whole pig

From left to right: Mason Brooks, Gardiner Brooks, Vernon Geddy. (Courtesy Vernon Geddy)
From left to right: Mason Brooks, Gardiner Brooks, Vernon Geddy. (Courtesy Vernon Geddy)

Old City BBQ, a new barbecue joint coming to Williamsburg is planning crispy-fried pigs’ ears and pork rinds as menu items and even as much of the whole pig as possible. 

The restaurant is slated to open this summer, possibly late June, according to owner Vernon Geddy IV. It will be located at the site of the former Yorkshire Steak and Seafood on York Street and offer a unique experience to fans of barbecue, he added.

Geddy is partnering with chefs Mason Brooks and Gardiner Brooks IV, and the trio hopes to provide high-quality meats in the traditional barbecue manner of cooking over hardwood coals.

“There will be no propane, natural gas or electric heated smokers, only smokers fueled by hardwood coals produced in an outdoor hearth,” Geddy said in the release. “If barbecue is not cooked over hardwood then it is not barbecue, period.”

The menu will offer pasture-raised chicken, Angus brisket, Heritage Farms ribs and pork belly, and sandwiches and tacos including barbecue meat, according to the release.  Menu items will be made from scratch, and the menu itself will change seasonally.  Old City also has a partnership with Red Barn Berkshire Farms in Surry, which will provide Old City with pasture-raised certified humane Berkshire hogs.

“We’re sourcing as many of our ingredients as we possibly can from local farms and purveyors,” Geddy said.  “The quality of what you’re eating is certainly going to show through.”

Geddy, who is the son of Vernon Geddy III, a prominent lawyer in Williamsburg, said Old City will have a service counter with a carving station. 

Guests will order at the counter and food will be run to their tables.  Old City will also offer take-out, and guests will be able to order barbecue meats a la carte by weight.  There will also be a full bar with local beer and wine available.

Mason Brooks has worked as a chef in Denver for seven years. During that time, the chef worked for three of the five top-voted restaurants in the city, Geddy said. Gardiner Brooks has worked in Washington, D.C. restaurants for a decade, including a stint in a fine dining establishment in Dupont Circle.

Geddy said the trio is excited about the location of their restaurant.  They look forward to opening near businesses such as Virginia Beer Company and Copper Fox Distillery.

“It’s a cool part of town.  The Second Street route 60 area is up and coming,” Geddy said.  “It’s a great spot.  We’re excited to be joining those guys on that side of town.”

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