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Here’s all of the campaign finance numbers for Virginia Beach candidates

VIRGINIA BEACH — The Virginia Public Access Project allows for online viewing of political donations made and received by political candidate.

Below is a list of all candidates running for Virginia Beach City Council and mayor in 2018. We’ve included the amount of money raised by the candidates in 2018, as well as their top donors.

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Virginia Beach mayor

Ben Davenport:

  • Raised $328,766
  • Aside from $133,683 transferred from the candidate’s campaign committee for City Council, the top donor was Stephen Ballard, who donated $12,500

Bobby Dyer:

  • Raised 49,350
  • Top donor was Waterman’s Beachwood Grill, which hosted the candidate’s campaign kick-off

City Council (at-large)

Linda Bright:

  • Raised $29,850
  • Aside from the candidate herself, who loaned her campaign $49,000, the top donor was Brenda Branch, who donated $250

Gary Hubbard:

  • Raised $3,086
  • Aside from the candidate himself, who loaned $2,727 to his campaign, there were no other donors listed of the VPAP website

John Moss:

  • Raised $30,604
  • Top donor was Waterman’s Beachwood Grill, a $4,000 in-kind donation for food and event space for a campaign event

Dee Oliver:

  • Raised $165,692
  • Top donor was Alvin Oliver, who donated $10,000

Aaron Rouse:

  • Raised $57,700
  • Top donor was Marie Finch, who donated $7,500

Allison White:

  • Raised $2,398
  • Top donor was Kathleen Caywood, who donated $1,500

City Council (Bayside)

Louis Jones:

  • Raised $77,780
  • Aside from the candidate himself, who loaned his campaign $30,000, the top donor was the Breeden Companies, which donated $5,000

Brad Martin:

  • Raised $46,204
  • Top donor was Eric Anderson, who donated $2,500

City Council (Beach)

Rick “RK” Kowalewitch:

  • Raised $24,580
  • Top donor was Ocean Construction Services, which donated $11,400

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David Nygaard:

  • Raised $33,512
  • Aside from the candidate’s private business, Nygaard VIII Inc., which loaned the campaign $30,382, the top donor was Paul Gottlieb, who donated $500

John Uhrin:

  • Raised $42,175
  • Top donor was Michael Sifen, who donated $5,000 to the campaign

City Council (Lynnhaven)

Susanne Henderson:

  • Raised $1,220
  • Top donor was James Cohen, who donated $327 worth of in-kind marketing services

Michael Maskell:

  • Raised $7,350
  • Aside from the candidate himself, who loaned $2,500 and donated $400 to his campaign, the top donor was Karie Stewart, who donated $1,500 worth of in-kind website design services.

Jim Wood:

  • Raised $65,771
  • Top donors were Breeden Companies, Franklin Johnston Group, and Bruce Thompson of Gold Key, each donated $5,000

City Council (Princess Anne)

Barbara Henley:

  • Raised $39,109
  • Top donor was Divaris Real Estate Inc., which donated $2,500

Karen Kwasny:

  • Raised $71,239
  • Top donors were Sandbridge Realty and Siebert Reality, each donated $10,000

Tim Worst:

  • Raised $12,841
  • Top donor was the Police Benevolent Society, which donated $1,000

City Council (Centerville)

Conrad Schesventer:

  • Raised $1,849
  • Top donor was Ocean Holiday Enterprises Inc., which donated $1,000

Sabrina Wooten:

  • Raised $9,877
  • Top donor was the Franklin Johnston Group, which donated $3,500

Eric Wray:

  • Raised $2,450
  • Top donor was Athdel Ventures Inc., which donated $1,000

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