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Get your tv remotes ready: ‘Lover’s Lane Murders’ TV series covers the Colonial Parkway Murders

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A new tv production will premiere on the Oxygen Network about a series of murder cases that have become more legend than reality in...
Kristin Dilley (pictured), a local high school English teacher, started Mind Over Murder podcast with Bill Thomas, a music executive who lives in Connecticut. (WYDaily/ Courtesy of Kristin Dilley & Bill Thomas)

Tuning in and speaking up: These local podcasts are keeping the conversations going

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There’s no doubt people are bored staying at home. And while grocery stores run out of yeast because of rookie bakers and their sourdough obsessions,...
A new series looking into the murders on the Colonial Parkway from 1986 to 1990 is in the works with the network Oxygen. (WYDaily file photo)

A new show looking at the Colonial Parkway is in works for NBC station

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Williamsburg residents can expect to see snapshots of the local area on a new show on the network Oxygen. Rebecca Boswell, senior director of communications...
Virginia Peninsula residents Gordy Price and James Person have produced a fictional film based on stories about Crawford Road, Yorktown, and the unsolved Colonial Parkway murders in the late 1980s. Shown here, Price and Person work on the set of "Crawford Road." (WYDaily/Courtesy James Person)

Details in this film came from WYDaily’s story in March. ‘Crawford Road’ is showing on Halloween

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Graffitied and fringed by shallow ditches, Crawford Road tunnels through the thick, unlit woods of York County and Newport News for 3.6 miles. According...