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Local Realtor Gives Back with a Sweet Treat

Olyvia Salyer receiving her cookies from Troop 1445 (provided by Brittany Mazzullo)

WILLIAMSBURG — Local Berkshire Hathaway agent Olyvia Salyer decided to give back to her former clients with something extra sweet this year by giving them a gift that also gives back to the community.

Salyer purchased just under $400 worth of Girl Scout cookies to support one of Williamsburg’s local troops, as well as to express her gratitude to the members of the community she has helped by sharing them.

Salyer grew up in the Williamsburg area after her father retired from the military and graduated from William & Mary. For seven years, she lived in New York and worked in marketing for several different international companies. As much as she loved it, she ultimately decided it wasn’t what she wanted to do with her life, so she moved back to Williamsburg and decided to get into real estate.

“My mother has a background in construction and renovation. That gave me a really good idea about what houses needed, and what materials were used in homes, and so I both new homes and marketing and thought that I would come back to Williamsburg and get into real estate,” Salyer explained.

After she moved back in 2018, she hit the ground running and joined with Berkshire Hathaway.

“I’m really grateful that I can do what I love and help so many people in this area that I grew up in and have so many friends and family,” she said.

Salyer said she always tries to give back to her clients and the people she has worked with in the community that allow her to do what she loves. Every few months she aims to bring gifts of gratitude to the clients and servicers who work with her, doing her best to support local.

Olyvia Salyer receiving cookies to give back to others (Provided by Brittany Mazzullo)

“I always try to support locals with the purchase of the gift and I could think of nothing better than to align with a local girl scout troop and help them meet their entrepreneurial goals by buying as many boxes of cookies I can,” Salyer said.

“I always wanted to be a girl scout, unfortunately, because of my dad’s career in the army we moved pretty much every nine months until we settled here in Williamsburg,” she continued. “I never go the chance to be a girl scout and I always admired my friends who had those skills and learned what it was to be a leader, so one of the first gifts I ever started to give was girl scout cookies.”

Salyer believes that this helps her check a lot of her personal boxes, giving back to the community as well as supporting other women. She hopes her goals to strive and succeed set an example in her pursuit of becoming a community leader.

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