Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Iron-Bound Gym Celebrates 40 years in Williamsburg

Scott Grafton (Provided by Iron-Bound Gym)

WILLIAMSBURG — On the heels of its expansion completed in September into a new space called Iron-Barre & Yoga, Iron-Bound Gym is now marking its 40-year anniversary.

Founded in Williamsburg by Warren Simon Crammer in 1983, the original concept was to bring health and fitness to the community in a family-style environment. The business is now owned by Scott Grafton, who was a member of the gym as a college student in 1992. Grafton took over as the owner in 2001 and helped expand the business and find its home in New Town in 2006. 

Grafton noted the changes the fitness industry has gone through since taking over. Once a place where men primarily came to lift weights, it transitioned as the national trend shifted to cardio routines for weight loss. According to a press release, since the pandemic, the industry is more focused on weight-training, and Iron-Bound has adjusted its class schedule to meet those demands.

(Provided by Iron-Bound Gym)

According to reports, Grafton has added several class options for more than 70 in-person classes per week since taking over the gym, even going so far as to offer Facebook classes during the COVID-19 pandemic. The cycling room has been outfitted with top-of-the-line tracking technology and offers personal training options. There is also a smoothie bar.

Grafton says his primary goal is he “wants people to be here,” with the recent addition of the Iron-Barre & Yoga studio yet another example of how Grafton keeps up with the needs of his members. Grafton’s attitude may be best summed up by the quote above the main entrance:  “Iron-Bound Gym is Fitness Beyond Measure. Thank you for being part of our family.”

For more information about the gym, visit the Iron-Bound Gym official webpage.

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