Saturday, April 20, 2024

William “Randy” Smith, 60, of Newport News

William R. Smith (Altmeyer Funeral Home)

William “Randy” Smith, 60, of Newport News sadly and suddenly left us on February 24, 2024. Randy had successfully fought and won the cancer battle. We believe the good lord needed him to help others in their transitions.

Randy is survived by his loving siblings, Rich (Karen), Paul (Claudia) and Renee. He is also survived by his daughters Raven and Honie as well as his son RJ and grandchildren, Lorelei, Addalynn and Michael.

Randy achieved his dream of successfully completing his training as Instructor for the Inosanto International Martial Arts Association. Guru Dan Inosanto was the instructor for one of Randy’s most admired martial artist – Bruce Lee. He completed his training in Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu, Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts.

Randy also loved music he played guitar and had an extensive collection of guitars modeled after his all-time favorite guitarist Eddie Van Halen. He also loved NASCAR, following the careers of Tony Stewart and Terry Labonte.

Randy was very spiritual and considered himself a Christian. He loved Israel and had hoped to go there one day. Randy, you made it, and you get to see the holy land like no one else!

A celebration of life will be held in his honor at East Wind Academy in Newport News for his family, close friends, co-workers and fellow martial art instructors and students.

Please join us on March 16th at 2 p.m. to celebrate everything Randy!

Rest in Peace Randy, your family loves and misses you dearly.

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