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Fostering A Sense of Belonging is What a Local Facebook Group is All About

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WILLIAMSBURG — With a worldwide pandemic, many companies went fully remote. The skyrocketing cost of living in many places drove families to relocate, and many of those families ended up in the Hampton Roads area.

With so many people working from home and living in a new place, finding a sense of belonging and community can be a challenge. A local Facebook group is working to change that.

The Williamsburg/NN/Hampton Girls Group on Facebook has more than 1,500 members. Posts range from asking for recommendations for hair stylists and nail technicians to searching for friendships, roommates, career advice and more.

Teresa Faulks, an admin for the group, took over hosting duties when the founder moved out of the area.

“She started the group to make friends because she was new to the area. If anybody was offering services or had a business, the group could be a good place for networking, finding roommates, group outings or activities. Anything that anyone wanted to do in a safe environment. Build friendships. Endless possibilities. It was originally for a younger crowd, but some older women like myself were also here,” Faulks explained.

Julie Williams, a member of the group, made someone who has become a key part of her life.

The homepage of the Williamsburg/NN/Hampton Girls Group (Facebook screenshot)

“I met a friend on the page and we have become great friends. She is even a bridesmaid in my wedding later this year,” Williams shared.

Maggie Todd and her roommate created a book club with other members of the group who had a passion for reading.

“We met once a month, alternating cities, and none of us knew each other and we would stay well past the actual meeting talking and getting to know each other that some of us became friends. It helped to make friends because we all shared a common interest which was an easy way to get a conversation going in my opinion,” Todd said.

The Williamsburg Book Club meeting will hold its first get-together on March 6 at Frothy Moon Brewhouse.

Member Macy Jones joined the group after moving away from home.

“I moved seven hours from home and knew absolutely no one when I got here. Finally after being here for five months, I met my friend Alex thanks to these groups! We both suck at replying to one another, but she’s no doubt one of my best friends,” Jones shared.

Jones has found a sense of belonging.

“Honestly I joined it with little to no expectations of actually finding anything more than an acquaintance or two, definitely didn’t expect to find a good friend as I feel those are few and far between. For me, it helped me meet people, but I also see a lot of people promoting businesses and giving recommendations for literally everything,” Jones added.

When joining the page, prospective members are asked several questions before being accepted into the group. Members must live in Newport News, Hampton, Yorktown or Williamsburg. The group is also adamant that it is not to be used to find out if spouses or boyfriends are cheating. There is no age restriction and the group is open to any and all girls in the area.

To join the group or get more information, visit its Facebook page.

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