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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Jamestown High School Graduate Holds Booksigning for New Book

Madelyn A. Lee author of the new book “Feathered Friends” (Photo Provided by Early Light Press)

WILLIAMSBURG — What began as an assignment for a class has quickly grown into a fully realized accomplishment for one Jamestown High School graduate.

Madelyn A. Lee is the author and illustrator of “Feathered Friends,” a new children’s book featuring birds in backyards and around the world, that will be released on Aug. 17. The release will be followed by a book signing on Aug. 20.

“Feathered Friends” (Photo Provided by Early Light Press)

Lee’s book started out as an assignment for a creative writing course during her senior year. She was asked to create a children’s book that allowed kids to learn something — be it a lesson or a portion of information — that children might enjoy. The assignment called for 15 pages, but Lee ended up making it 17 pages that she wrote and illustrated by hand.

“Birds are my favorite animals, and I think they’re unique with very different personalities and they’re found everywhere,” Lee said, explaining her inspiration. “I think it’s very interesting to tell as both information and story-wise.”

The book itself is geared toward nature lovers and nature learners — bird novices, hobbyists, and experts alike. Along with the original illustrations of 17 birds, child-friendly fun facts about birds have been added.

“Feathered Friends” has also been reviewed by two different ornithological experts, including Professor Erick Greene from the University of Montana and Bill Williams, the vice president of the Virginia Society of Ornithology.

The book signing will be at the New Town Barnes & Noble on Aug. 20 from noon to 2 p.m. “Feathered Friends” was officially released Thursday, Aug. 17, and can be purchased at Barnes & Noble.

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