Sunday, September 24, 2023

WATA Buses to Get Wrapped For New Community Art Project

CultureFix and WATA are partnering for a new bus wrap competition in the Historic Triangle. (WYDaily/Courtesy of CultureFix)

WILLIAMSBURG — The Historic Triangle is about to look a lot more colorful.

CultureFix and Williamsburg Area Transit Authority (WATA) are partnering for a new community art project to enhance and promote the Greater Williamsburg area’s arts and culture scene.

CultureFix and WATA are now accepting art submissions for two WATA bus wraps. The winners’ artwork will be wrapped and displayed on two WATA buses for six months.

The bus wrap competition will have two categories for submissions: amateur and professional.

The amateur category will be open to all who want a chance to create art for the buses, including children, students and adults, while the other category is for professional artists.

Both categories will be judged by a panel selected by CultureFix.

Both winners will receive a cash prize. The amateur winner will receive $300 and the professional winner will receive $500.

All submissions must be from Historic Triangle residents and must be received by Wednesday, Sept. 15. The winners will be announced on Sept. 20.

The buses will be wrapped with the winners’ artwork and showcased during the weekend of Oct. 2 and 3, before going into normal driving operations for all the community to see.

To apply for the competition and submit art work, visit

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