Saturday, September 23, 2023

Williamsburg Cat Lounge Set to Open July 16

The Nautical Dog in New Town is opening Williamsburg’s first cat lounge. (Courtesy of Amanda Wilbourne)

WILLIAMSBURG — Schwartzy’s Cat Cove Lounge, which promises to be Williamsburg’s first cat lounge, will open to the public next weekend.

The Nautical Dog, a locally-owned and operated business, first opened in 2006. The pet store prides itself on hand selecting products for the store that the owners themselves would give to their pets. Owner Amanda Wilbourne wanted to open a cat lounge to give the community a place to socialize with cats who are available for adoption.

“It’s a great way for people to meet cats,” she told WYDaily in a March interview. “Maybe they weren’t interested in adopting a cat, and they might come in and fall in love with it and decide they want a cat.”

The cat lounge, named after the store’s first shop cat, Schwartzy, will be officially opening its doors on July 16 next door to The Nautical Dog in the former location of The Ivy Trellis boutique in New Town. The space is notable as The Nautical Dog’s original location.

The lounge will include couches and chairs for the guests while they interact with the cats, as well as cat climbing structures. Guests will not need to make appointments, but there will likely be a limit on the number of people in the room at a time. Guests will also be required to sign waivers before entering the cat lounge.

For more information about Schwartzy and the inspiration to open the Cat Cove Lounge, visit the Nautical Dog’s website.

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