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Show James City County Love By Participating in LOVEworks Sign Design Contest

James City County residents can participate in the LOVEworks Sign Design Contest. (Courtesy of James City County)

JAMES CITY COUNTY — James City County (JCC) residents who have an artist’s eye can participate in the LOVEworks Sign Design Contest.

Virginia’s unique “Love” signs can be found all across the state. The LOVEworks program is a state-wide branding initiative led by the Virginia Tourism Corporation to promote that “Love is at the heart of every Virginia vacation.”

As part of the program, each of Virginia’s localities are encouraged to create a unique LOVEworks art piece to promote their family-friendly experiences.

“This is an opportunity to be creative, connect our area to the ‘Virginia is for Lovers’ brand and increase interest in our unique destination,” JCC said.

The LOVE sign will be displayed at Freedom Park, located at 5537 Centerville Road. JCC said that the sign will be constructed to be portable so that it can be moved around to “spread the LOVE.”  

The LOVEworks Sign Design Contest must incorporate and promote the County’s history, character and lifestyle in some way, according to JCC. 

Individual letters might be selected from multiple designs to make up the LOVE sign.

Selected winners will receive a $150 Parks & Recreation gift certificate that can be used for shelter, room or paddle craft rentals or camps, classes or JCC Recreation Center membership fees. 

Winners will be awarded their prizes at a Ribbon Cutting event. Winners will be notified in advance by JCC Parks & Recreation to attend the event.

For more information, call (757) 259-5394 or email, or send questions to

For more information about the design guidelines and how to enter, visit here.

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