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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Williamsburg City Council Meeting to Discuss Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

(Courtesy of City of Williamsburg)

WILLIAMSBURG — The Williamsburg City Council will have its next meeting Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2021, at the Stryker Center.

There are three public hearings planned for this month’s meeting.

The first public hearing will be on the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation requesting a special use permit for the removal of 54 parking spaces in the Downtown Parking District for the construction of the Colin G & Nancy N. Campbell Archaeology Center at 400 S Nassau Street. The removal request of the parking lots is part of a request to rezone 1.86 acres from Colonial Williamsburg Historic Area CW to Museum Support MS at 400 Nassau Street.

The second public hearing is about a zoning text amendment to amend Article III. District Regulations, Division 10.1 Economic Development District ED, Section 21-362 that will address medical cannabis dispensaries licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia in the city. The planned hearing will also discuss amending Article IV, Supplemental District Regulations, Section 21-602 to address the retail sale of cannabis and cannabis products or extracts.

The third public hearing is on a resolution that authorizes the creation of the Historic Triangle Recreational Facilities Authority. The authority is a separate legal entity and is formed for the initial purpose of constructing the regional sports facility with the authority to later construct and operate any other regional recreational facility in the future.

The authority will be tasked with leasing the property for the project, the construction and financing for the project, and managing the operations once constructed.

Also on the agenda are the following new business items:

  • Consideration and approval of Resolution #21-26 amending the FY Capital Improvement Program Fund Budget for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2022.
  • Consideration and approval of Resolution #21-25 authorizing the FY21 Williamsburg and JCC School Year-end Spending Plan totaling $382,415 and amending the FY 2022 General Fund and Capital Improvement Program Budgets.
  • Presentation by Anlar LLC about the Williamsburg/James City County Early Childhood System Needs Assessment: Anlar LLC representatives Tara Adams and Kathi Gillaspy.
  • Consideration and Adoption of Resolution #21-29 Establishing the 2022 City of Williamsburg Legislative Agenda.

To see the agenda for this meeting for anything else regarding the City of Williamsburg, visit the Williamsburg Civic website.

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