If you need some kind of active shooter training, contact this police department

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The Active Shooter Response Class is a the Mennowood Retirement Community on Sept. 4.
The Active Shooter Response Class is a the Mennowood Retirement Community on Sept. 4.

NEWPORT NEWS — Police here are hosting a free active shooter response class on Sept. 17 at the Mennowood Retirement Community.

“It’s an academic training [course],” said Lt. Jeffrey Smith, who oversees the Strategic Management Plan 3.7, a committee that deals with active threat situations. “We’ll talk about what happens to your body during stressful moments.”

The training course known as CRASE is specifically geared toward civilians and the department has been working on administering this course to civilians for two years, Smith said.

“We do typically tailor our training based on the audience we have,” Smith said, adding different atmosphere or environments such as a church, business or city building require different approaches.

Attendees can expect to learn about the history of active shooters, what to expect during an active threat situation, how the human body reacts to a stressful situation and how to overcome those reactions to get out of the situation safely.

“Don’t stay down,” Smith said, referencing the Las Vegas shooting. “Run until you can’t see the building then call your loved ones –– if you are able.”

While the class at the Mennowood Retirement Community is now full with a cap of 50 people, Smith said residents can email the department to schedule a free training seminar for their organization.

“If there is a need, if they email us, we will make it happen,” he said.

For more information about future classes or how to schedule a class for your organization, email crase@nnva.gov.

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