Duck Donuts to Open James City County Location

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Duck Donuts is coming to James City County this fall with a store in the Marketplace Shoppes on Monticello Avenue.

Duck Donuts opened its first two locations in the Outer Banks in 2007; there are now four stores in that area. The James City County franchise will be the company’s first franchise location.

Robin Griffith, a partner in the company, said James City County was one of the first target areas he and Russell DiGilio, the company’s founder and co-partner, researched.

“It was semi-resort, but had a great population of permanent residents as well,” Griffith said about the county.

The company announced the opening on its Facebook page Friday, and the post received a response Griffith characterized as “viral.” The post, which also indicates a Virginia Beach location is in the approval process, had 227 shares and 496 likes as of 5:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The Duck Donuts location in James City County will be operated by county residents John and Amy Williams, who formed Williams Family Donuts, LLC, in March in order to open the franchise.

“They were fans of ours who just kept at us and at us and at us,” said Griffith, who said several people has expressed interest in opening a franchise in the Williamsburg area.

Duck Donuts features a made-to-order doughnut experience. When people order doughnuts, they are made with an automatic dispenser that fries and flips them through a track system, then tops them to the customer’s specification. Griffith said it’s a family experience that adults and kids enjoy.

“We’re very excited to come to the Williamsburg area. When we decided to franchise, it was the first place we thought of,” Griffith said.

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  1. Good product, very bad location. They are cut off from tourists and college. Also their location is too complicated to get to from Monticello with poor parking.

  2. It’s where the Pretzel Factory was on Monticello, near Starbuck’s. While donuts are indeed a “junk food”, if you’re going to have one, might as well have the best. I hope they make it, but fear this location isn’t close enough to students or tourists.

  3. Great. Just what we need….another junk food place to increase the number of overweight and obese Americans to more than 67%.