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Frye Properties Temporarily Withdraws Spotswood Rezoning Application

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WILLIAMSBURG — Frye Properties has temporarily withdrawn its application to rezone the former nine-hole Spotswood Golf Course at Colonial Williamsburg, it said in an email to WYDaily on Friday, June 9.

“Frye Properties has decided, in consultation with Colonial Williamsburg, to temporarily withdraw the Spotswood rezoning application while we take time to re-envision our master plan,” said Rock Bell, Vice President for Development. “Valuable feedback from the community about density, traffic, and other topics will be carefully evaluated and considered in our revisions to the plan. We are also suspending our request for approval of our conceptual Architectural Guidelines at this time.”

Colonial Williamsburg closed the golf course on Dec. 31, with plans for a housing redevelopment handled by Frye Properties.

Frye Properties went before the Williamsburg Architectural Review Board on Feb. 13 to present its design book and open discussion about rezoning, which would move the number of allotted buildings from 87 single-family homes to 166.

Almost immediately, concerns were raised from citizens about traffic from increased population density on already busy existing roadways, as well as safety concerns with the predicted increased traffic volume, increased sedimentation in the waterway near the site and the amount of pollution it would bring.

Concerns were also raised about the effect on fish and crab populations that spawn and live in Paper Mill Creek.

A meeting was held on Wednesday, April 12, by members of the community at the Williamsburg Regional Library Theater to discuss concerns about the rezoning.

One of the concerns raised was the precedent the rezoning could set for future developers asking for special use permits allowing to double density. Protests of adjacent property owners, the environmental impact, and traffic impacts to the area, including concerns regarding the dates traffic data were collected, as well as the lack of plans to increase traffic infrastructure for safety and efficiency were also discussed.

On Wednesday, May 23, the Architectural Review Board unanimously chose to delay action on the plan until it could consider, during a working session, concerns raised with the Spotswood Pattern Book by Fraser Hudgins of Citizens for Responsible Spotswood Development.

On Friday, June 9, Frye Properties said in the email to WYDaily it had made the decision to temporarily withdraw the rezoning application.

“At Frye Properties, we have diligently built our reputation on quality, trust, and integrity. Since our inception in 1978, our mission has always been to create great places to live that enhance the communities in which we develop. Respecting the heritage and natural elements of each locality has always been a core value of Frye Properties,” Bell said.

“As we re-envision our plan, we remain committed to supporting the city’s goals, respecting its rich traditions, and creating a world-class community at Spotswood.”

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