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Two York County School Board Members Opt Out of Let’s Talk Communication Platform

York County School Board held a regular meeting on Feb 26 (YouTube)

YORK COUNTY — An email sent from the York County School Division caused a stir on social media this week after it was revealed that board chair Lynda Fairman and board vice chair Kim Goodwin would opt out of using the Let’s Talk communication platform.

The email, sent from the school division on March 19, noted Fairman and Goodwin had asked to be removed from the Let’s Talk platform and have elected instead to receive emails through their school division accounts.

Let’s Talk is software package that allows the district to streamline communication by connecting citizens to a member of the school board staff who is best suited to answer the discussion topic, according to the school district. Staff members can reply directly to citizens through the app.

“Let’s Talk was offered as an option for us to use and not something we are required to use. I decided to give it a try. I found it difficult to keep up with all the various emails.  Direct email makes it much quicker for me to respond and ensures I am not missing anyone,” Goodwin said. “In Let’s Talk there can be hundreds of emails daily as I am receiving things not directly related to me. People can still respond incognito if they desire. I am also reachable through phone via a call or text message. I have also offered to meet one-on-one with people.”

WYDaily also reached out Fairman, who did not respond to a request for comment.

Goodwin and Fairman are still accessible by emailing and

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