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Providence Classical School Named Among Top Christian High Schools in America in 2023

PCS is honored and grateful to start its 22nd year with’s recognition as one of the top Christian High Schools in America in 2023! To be recognized as a top Christian High School means that our students are clearly and cogently in favor of righteousness and truth. Through the grace of Christ, our students learn to love what is right and good as they prayerfully study Scripture and thoughtfully read the great books of western civilization.

We are a classical Christian School. We provide an excellent classically academic program; however, virtue and upright behavior are the first things we tackle when training our students. We expect our graduates to know right from wrong, honor from dishonor, knowledge from ignorance, doctrine from heresy, confidence from arrogance and righteousness from sin.

At Providence, we encourage our students to be filled with wonder as they are led to know God, oneself, and the world around them. Most people in our culture have been taught that religious people are somehow handicapped, as if religion is an impediment to knowledge. The Bible teaches precisely the opposite. Our students are learning that they know themselves most fully when they know God. When they know God, they want to know about everything that He has made. Their faith then drives their curiosity. Their faith excites knowledge. They also learn that their faith requires excellence from them. We do not believe that Christianity nurtures mediocrity; we believe it requires us to strive for excellence.

Being a Christian High School suits us because rightly ordered loves enables our graduates to live always in the presence of God, to honor Him, to serve their neighbor, and to labor for growth and glory of His kingdom.

We appreciate the opportunity to provide a classical Christian education to our local families. It starts with being a brave space for our children to love learning!

PCS’s mission is to provides a classical, Christ-centered education, equipping students with a thorough biblical world and life view, that captures their affections, and enables them to discern, articulate, and live truth.

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