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Randy Davidson’s Life Behind the Lens

Randy Davidson enjoys his life behind the lens (Randy Davidson)

WILLIAMSBURG — The idea of spending more time together introduced a new hobby for Andrea and Randy Davidson — they’ve both delved deep into life behind the camera lens.

Originally from Southern California, a job change brought the Davidsons to Williamsburg. A family that loves theme parks, Andrea and Randy started out by taking photographs at Busch Gardens.

“Andrea shot a lot of photos at the park, and one Christmas we talked about getting me a camera. We started going to Busch all the time but we never really knew what to do with the photos we’d take,” Randy said. “It started out as something fun by posting things on Instagram and it kind of blew up quickly.”

The Davidsons enjoy taking photos at the park for a multitude of reasons. According to Andrea, there is so much to take pictures of that it can be a great place for beginner photographers to expand their photography portfolio.

“There are so many things to take pictures of there that it’s a great place to get better at the art form. You can take pictures of flowers, animals, rollercoasters, people, the list goes on. It’s a fun environment to take photographs,” Andrea says.

Shooting photos at Busch Gardens (Randy Davidson)

As the company has expanded, Randy has become interested in taking photographs of people, landscapes, nature, and more. According to him, everyone has a story to tell.

“Being able to capture memories for people is why I love this. It’s an important thing for people and we’ll always bring the camera with us because you never know what you might see,” Randy said.

According to Andrea, Randy is known to stop people on the street because something about them caught his eye.

Both the Davidsons take part in all their photoshoots. Randy takes the photos, while Andrea helps with lighting and posing. Andrea also helps with post-shoot editing.

Taking photos at Busch Gardens still remains a first love for the couple. Randy gets noticed quite often in the park, especially since his Busch Gardens photos Instagram (@bgwphotofan) has taken off.

“It’s such a beautiful park, where you don’t feel like you are in a theme park. You can get lost and just truly enjoy all the action of taking photographs. For us, it’s an escape and to have a place like that to go to and capture those memories is special,” Randy said.

Expanding from Busch Gardens, Randy currently photographs families, engagements, children, high school and college seniors, cosplay, dancers, and more.

The camera is just a part of Randy’s life (Randy Davidson)

The dream for the Davidsons is to one day take on photography as a full-time job. For Randy, he’d love to own a brick-and-mortar studio, as well as expand his portfolio.

“Right now, my photography is a side hustle, but the dream would be to own my own studio and be published in multiple magazines with my photographs,” Randy said.

For those who may be interested in picking up photography, both Davidsons encourage just picking up a camera and starting.

“Get a camera and get started. Don’t be afraid to take that picture of that subject that you find interesting. Nine out of 10 times, people will let you do it. As you do that, your confidence as a photographer will grow,” Randy said.

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