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A 60-Year Tradition of Celebrating Tradition

Williamsburg Memorial Park has a special tradition of their own: honoring your traditions. Since 1962 when the park was constructed on the historical grounds, the goal has been to honor the lives of those laid to rest there and to celebrate their families’ special traditions.

Why is this important? When you’re planning a memorial, every detail that is important to your family, heritage, and background becomes important to Williamsburg Memorial Park. Every background is honored in the very same way here, exactly how the family chooses.

With so many different heritages, cultures, and backgrounds found here in Williamsburg, it is important for Williamsburg Memorial Park to be able to serve their entire community in the very best ways. “Our community is diverse, and we are too,” says General Manager, Angela Byrum.

The act of placing visitation stones is significant in Jewish bereavement practices.

If a Jewish family comes to Williamsburg Memorial Park and wants to honor the tradition of bodies returning to the Earth, needing shovels, and washing hands at the gravesite, they will absolutely provide those items. If a Chinese family wants to burn money and light incense at their memorial per their traditional funeral practices, they are making that happen.

Chinese mourners believe that burning paper money will enable their deceased family members to have all they will need in the afterlife.

Every religion, nationality, and family has their own way of celebrating a life, and at Williamsburg Memorial they go the extra mile to make each of these special moments possible. They are truly experts in all types of services and will accommodate most any request.

If your family has a non-traditional way to celebrate your loved one, Williamsburg Memorial Park will work with you to make your memorial as special and as unique and you’d like for it to be. A meeting with the staff to discuss details will ensure the farewell to your loved one will be a truly memorable and honorable moment for your family.

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