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The Williamsburg Health Foundation Announces Promotions and New Staff Member

The Williamsburg Health Foundation (WHF) is proud to announce internal promotions of longtime staff members as well as a new staff member.

Bill D. Pribble

Bill D. Pribble has been promoted to senior program officer. Pribble’s portfolio of grants includes the School Health Initiative Program (SHIP) as well as other healthy eating active living grants. Pribble has been at WHF for nearly 20 years and has grown in position and responsibility over time. A graduate of Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Science in Business, Pribble is also a native of Williamsburg. “It is an honor to work to improve the health and wellness of Williamsburg, especially as a partner in creating a culture of health in the schools I attended.”

Deanna Van Hersh

WHF recently created a new position, director of health and wellness to work with various advanced primary care and other initiatives. This position was filled in mid-April by Deanna Van Hersh, who came to Williamsburg from the Kansas Health Foundation. Van Hersh most recently served as their vice president for programs. Van Hersh has a Masters degree from Friends University and an undergraduate degree from Tabor College. “Deanna brings incredible depth of experience with every aspect of grantmaking. We look forward to building on the strength of our work with her experience and helping her learn about our community,” said Carol L. Sale, president and CEO of WHF.

Karen Burden

Most recently, Karen Burden, has been promoted from accountant to the director of investments, finance, and accounting. Burden, with five years’ experience at WHF, has her MBA from William & Mary and an undergraduate degree from Virginia Tech. “We’re delighted to have an opportunity to provide Karen with a position that better reflects her professional capacity,” said Sale. “She knows this organization, and her expertise will help us to continuously improve our administration and finance capacities.”

The Williamsburg Health Foundation celebrates 25 years of grantmaking in the Greater Williamsburg community. The mission of the WHF is “to collaborate, innovate, and invest to impact systems that improve the health and well-being of individuals living in Greater Williamsburg.

“With these three staff members and our entire staff and board of trustees, we will continue to achieve this mission,” said Sale.

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