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Eye on Education: Eye 2 Eye is eliminating dry eyes

If you suffer from dry eyes, you will know how uncomfortable and disruptive the condition can be. You are not alone: well over 26 million Americans suffer from dry eye. Luckily Eye 2 Eye Vision Center has good news for you – there might be a solution. A 15-minute light-based procedure that has been approved by the FDA for the management and treatment of Dry Eye. The name of that procedure is Optilight IPL by Lumenis. Continue reading to learn more.

What Is OptiLight By Lumenis?

OptiLight IPL therapy involves a revolutionary new treatment for dry eye symptoms. It uses a non-invasive, light-based procedure that is performed on the regions above and below your eyes. Not only is this treatment very safe, but it is also gentle. And so far its effectiveness has been confirmed by at least 20 clinical studies.

How Does OptiLight IPL Work To Treat Dry Eye?

The secret of Optilight IPL is the use of light pulses on the infected area just below and above the eye to fight the inflammation that is so often the cause of dry eye disease. These precise light pulses boost the functionality of the meibomian gland and extend the time it takes for tears to break up, in the process reducing the likelihood of dry eye. IPL does this by drying and/or vaporizing the telangiectasia (abnormal blood vessels) on or below the skin’s surface. These vessels are the culprits that cause the Meibomian Glands to become blocked because they leak so-called ‘inflammatory mediators’. In laymen’s terms: these blood vessels leak the stuff that causes inflammation in the Meibomiam glands on the edge of your eyes, where the eyelashes are located. These glands produce the oil layer of our tears, which prevents the evaporation that leads to dryness and blurred vision. Other benefits include:

  • Sessions take only between 10 and 15 minutes
  • The typical treatment course consists of only 4 sessions, one every 2 to 4 weeks
  • IPL reduces the number of bacteria and demodex mites that live around the human eye.

What Does IPL Try To Achieve?

By parching the vessels that are the prime cause of the inflammation, one typically sees a reduction in both the inflammatory cascade and the telangiectasia (dilation of the small blood vessels) on the eyelid margin.

Will I Benefit From Optilight IPL?

If you suffer from dry eye, ocular rosacea, MGD, blepharitis, or recurrent chalazion and styes there is a very high likelihood that you will benefit from Optilight IPL. Aesthetic benefits include treating wrinkles, fine lines, redness, age spots, and tightening the skin’s collagen.

What Happens During A Typical OptiLight IPL Session?

The procedure is very simple and quick. First, a coupling gel will be applied to the area that is going to be treated and then the practitioner will cover your eyes with shields. After this, minute rays of light will be applied to the skin. This is where you might feel a slightly warm sensation but there is no reason to be concerned. Within 10 to 15 minutes everything will be over. After the treatment, you might experience a certain amount of redness – but this typically goes away within a couple of hours.

Final Thoughts On IPL

Eye 2 Eye Vision Center is the only practice in Williamsburg offering Optilight IPL treatment. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We will gladly help.

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