Wednesday, February 28, 2024

VersAbility Resources to Launch New Future of Work Program

Support VersAbility and people with disabilities this holiday season.

Looking to give back to your community during the holiday season? Want to help people with disabilities throughout the 757?

People with disabilities need your support this holiday season as VersAbility Resources prepares to launch their Future of Work program this spring. FOW is a new initiative, specifically targeting the missing workforce our economy needs to thrive.

In 2020, only 17.9% of people with disabilities in the United States were employed (U.S. BLS, 2021). People with disabilities are the greatest untapped talent pool in our country and they want to work. Help us change this statistic by supporting the people with disabilities we serve and our new FOW program!

Future of Work addresses the barriers to employment for people with disabilities by developing wrap around support services. These support services will ensure people with disabilities successfully complete certification and apprenticeship programs to expand job opportunities in high-demand industries and create pathways out of poverty.

People with disabilities will be able to train alongside professionals while VersAbility Job Coaches provide the intensive training and sustained support services to ensure that people with disabilities develop life-long careers, economic independence, and feel the pride and dignity of providing a life of prosperity for themselves. VersAbility’s new Future of Work program will initially focus on three certification tracks that suit varying abilities including welding, medical billing/coding, and cybersecurity.

“We are excited to continue expanding our programs and services to best meet the needs of people of all abilities across the 757. Our new Future of Work program will transform employment and life prospects for people with disabilities for decades to come,” says Kasia Grzelkowski, President and CEO of VersAbility Resources.

VersAbility is committed to innovating in this ever-changing world to new programs/services that better address the ongoing economic and social disparities faced by people with disabilities. FOW not only benefits people with disabilities, but also their families, employers, and the community as a whole.

This holiday season, we kindly ask for you to consider a gift to VersAbility’s Future of Work program. Your gift provides the staff and resources needed for people with disabilities to complete training programs and be placed in jobs that maximize their talents. Resources like pre-enrollment prep, curriculum development, instruction methods that suit different learning styles, assistive technology, transportation, exam prep, job placement, and so much more.

Help us embrace the unique gifts, talents, assets, and contributions of people with disabilities. Discover all the abilities they have to offer as they proudly enjoy being productive citizens within our community.

Donate to VersAbility’s Future of Work program today and change lives by visiting

All of us here at VersAbility Resources, the people with disabilities we serve, and their families thank you for your gift. Happy Holidays!

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