Sunday, October 1, 2023

Two new restaurants are coming to Williamsburg

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Get your forks and knives ready. There are two new additions coming to the Williamsburg restaurant scene.

At a meeting on Mar. 10, the City of Williamsburg Economic Development Authority (EDA) voted unanimously to award incentive grants to two new restaurants that are planned for this summer in Williamsburg.

Another Broken Egg Cafe will open at 1412 Richmond Road, and a salad concept restaurant
will open in downtown Williamsburg. According to a city news release from Mar. 10, the restaurants will be able to keep a percentage of taxes owed to the city over a three year period. The percentage will be determined based on performance in a revenue sharing agreement.

“These incentives are a win-win because they draw new businesses and new revenue to the
city, and the businesses earn back some of the taxes paid based on their own success,” Rick Overy, EDA Chairman said in a statement from the news release.

“It’s important to remember that the City retains a percentage of the taxes, which is new revenue the City would not have collected without these restaurants opening here,” Overy said.

The revenue sharing incentive for Another Broken Egg Cafe is capped at $99,000 and will be used for exterior improvements in order to modernize the building.

Their nationwide company has more than 70 locations in 13 states. There are plans to continue to open locations in new as well as existing markets across the United States.

The Williamsburg location for Another Broken Egg Cafe will be the first one in Virginia. Local businessman, Demetrios Florakis, will own the cafe and is also purchasing franchising rights for locations across Virginia including Virginia Beach and Fredericksburg.

The headquarters for Florakis’ franchises will be located at 1006 Richmond Road in Williamsburg. This office will also have the training facility for café management for restaurant locations in South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware.

“I am thrilled that Another Broken Egg Cafe has decided to open its first Virginia location here in Williamsburg,” said Council Member Barbara Ramsey, who is the City Council liaison to the EDA.

“Not only will it be a fantastic addition to the offerings on Richmond Road but, as
the Virginia headquarters and regional training facility, it will continually bring members of
their management staff to the area,” Ramsey said.

Meanwhile, the salad concept restaurant has its the revenue-sharing incentive capped at $40,000, which will be used to construct outdoor dining.

According to the news release, current trends indicate that customers desire outdoor dining. Additionally, this amenity will increase the restaurant’s seating capacity by 50%. April Coleman will be the owner and operator of the restaurant. She is familiar with quick-service, healthy option restaurants and looks forward to bringing this dining option to Williamsburg.

“As part of our recruitment efforts we look at trends and what is missing in the Williamsburg market,” said Michele Mixner DeWitt, Economic Development Director for the City. “We identified the need for a salad concept and are delighted that one will be joining the Williamsburg culinary scene.”

According to city spokesperson, Nicole Trifone, the name of the restaurant cannot be released because of non-disclosure agreements.

The EDA will award the revenue grants for the salad concept restaurant and Another Broken Egg Cafe after the businesses pay taxes for local sales and meals. The incentive grant is capped at $40,000 for the salad concept and $99,000 for Another Broken Egg Cafe. The local sales and meals tax return on investment to the City of Williamsburg over the first five years of operations is estimated to be more than $850,000.


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