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There’s a new coffee shop in Norge

The Slipping Flea, a new coffee shop in Norge, opens early August. (WYDaily/ Courtesy of Nancy Lee)
The Slipping Flea, a new coffee shop in Norge, opens early August. (WYDaily/ Courtesy of Nancy Lee)

From the makers of The Flipping Flea and Flipping Flea #2 comes a new coffee shop.

The Sipping Flea opens in August.

Nancy Lee and her husband, Jeff, decided to open a local coffee shop to give their customers some place to go when traveling between their Flipping Flea shops.

“We noticed customers were walking from one store to the other,” Lee said. “So we thought we would put something in the middle there and make it a destination where customers are coming.”

Plus, after the Farm Fresh left the area, there was not a true coffee shop besides chains like McDonalds.

“There’s nothing out here except for Panera anymore,” Lee noted, adding there was no place to get flavored or iced coffee. “We just wanted some place to offer the locals.”

The shop was supposed to open in April but was delayed because of the the coronavirus.

The new coffee shop is filled with mismatched chairs all different colors, is pet- and kid-friendly and offers free WiFi. There is also an outdoor seating area and Lee plans to display Old Hickory sheds for sale there, too.

Customers can expect freshly brewed coffees, cold and hot brewed teas, milkshakes and mini doughnuts made in-house.

“Our mini doughnuts will be made onsite, so they’ll be made while you wait,” she said, adding the customers can pick which toppings to add to their doughnuts.

“We’re super excited to add something else to the community out here,” she added.

The Sipping Flea located at Colonial Towne Plaza shopping center, 6985 Richmond Road, opens early August. The hours are 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., but that could change. For updates, visit Sipping Flea’s Facebook page.


Julia Marsigliano
Julia Marsigliano
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