Monday, December 11, 2023

Local Mobile Creperie Offers Both Sweet and Savory Crepes

Local family-run food truck, Moto Crepes, offers both sweet and savory crepes around the area. (Courtesy of Moto Crepes)

WILLIAMSBURG — After craving a crepe one day, Saki and Helen Avramidis decided to open their own food truck that specializes in just that.

“We were saying, ‘You know what sounds good right now? A crepe.’ And we thought there’s not a lot of places to get one around here,” Helen said. “My husband was really itching to do his own thing. And his cousin had a recipe for crepes, and thats kind of where it started.”

By September, the husband and wife team opened Moto Crepes, a mobile creperie based out of Williamsburg.

The family-run food truck offers both sweet and savory crepes.

From the savory menu, patrons can choose from a variety of protein crepes, including ham, turkey, smoked salmon, as well as a vegetarian option.

A Greek family, the Avramidis’ also offer a “Greek crepe”, which includes chicken, feta cheese, tomato, red onions and Tzatziki sauce.

Customers can choose crepes with a variety of proteins, as well as dessert crepes. (Courtesy of Williamsburg Brews)

The sweet crepes menu offers flavors such as classic Nutella, s’mores and Baklava.

“You can have one for lunch, and then get a dessert one as well,” Helen said.

Saki runs the food truck, which he built himself, with Helen helping him.

“My husband has a background in trucks,” Avramidis said. “His dad has a food truck in Philly, so he was able to build the whole truck from scratch.”

While it’s currently just the two of them running the truck, Helen said that they hope to hire more help soon.

Moto Crepes can be found at local breweries each week, including Virginia Beer Company and Alewerks Brewing Company. The truck also has a spot by the Lightfoot Antique Mall and Country General Store, 6623 Richmond Rd.

“We’re big on community, so it’s nice to meet people and see people again,” Helen said.

Look for Moto Crepes on each Friday’s Food Truck Tracker!

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