Thursday, March 23, 2023

Two is better than one: Williamsburg fermenters join forces to blend wine and mead for rare drink

Matthew Meyer (left) and Glenn Lavender wearing beekeepers masks at the Williamsburg Winery June 12 at "Two is Better Than One" pyment debut. (WYDaily/Andrew Harris)
Matthew Meyer (left) and Glenn Lavender wear beekeepers masks at the Williamsburg Winery on June 12 at “Two is Better Than One” pyment debut. (WYDaily/Andrew Harris)

The Williamsburg Winery and Silver Hand Meadery have teamed up to produce a new fermented beverage with the idea being that two is better than one.

Their new wine is called a pyment, meaning it is made by co-fermenting grapes and honey.

See a video about the collaborative process and the pyment’s taste below.

Its ingredients include three different types of honey — Virginia wildflower, orange blossom, and alfalfa — and traminette grapes grown at the Wessex Hundred estate.

“The pyment is moderately sweet, not cloying, and is balanced by bright acidity and higher alcohol,” says Matthew Meyer, winemaker for the Williamsburg Winery.  “It is bottled in a 375ml bottle, which would imply that it is a dessert-style wine, but by no means does that make it so. You can enjoy it as an aperitif, with oysters, a cheese plate, or with a sugar cookie.”

The first batch of the pyment is named “Two is Better Than One.” The pyment is only available at the Williamsburg Winery and the Silver Hand Meadery.

Only 150 cases (of 24 375ml bottles each) of Two is Better Than One were produced in the debut batch, but both the Meadery and the Winery hope to make the pyment an annual release.

“We hope that everyone enjoys the pyment as much as we enjoyed making it,” said Glenn Lavender of Silver Hand Meadery. “It’s been awesome collaborating with our fellow tasting trail partners to craft a beverage that’s both delicious and unique.”

[Correction: The article has been updated to reflect that 150 cases of the pyment have been produced.]

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