Sunday, October 1, 2023

Here’s a list of candidates running for public office in Virginia Beach

VIRGINIA BEACH — There are two dozen candidates running for mayor or City Council here.

Eight of the eleven council seats are up for grabs, with two new members of City Council guaranteed to emerge from at least two districts — Centerville and one at-large seat.

After Will Sessoms resigned as mayor on April 30, then-Vice Mayor Louis Jones was unanimously appointed interim-mayor by City Council until the special election on Nov. 6.

Jones chose not to run for mayor, and will instead seek reelection as councilman for the Bayside District.

At-large Councilman Ben Davenport and Centerville Councilman Bobby Dyer relinquished their respective seats to run against each other for mayor.

Mayoral (special election)


Both at-large council seats are up for grabs this year. Councilman John Moss is seeking reelection, while Davenport is not because he is running for mayor. Two of the following six at-large candidates will be elected, one of which will become a new member of council.

Bayside District:

Beach District

Centerville District (special election)

There is no incumbent running for the Centerville seat after Dyer relinquished his position to run for mayor against Davenport. A new member of City Council will emerge from this district.

Lynnhaven District

Princess Anne District

In an effort to give equal opportunity to these two dozen candidates, Southside Daily emailed all Virginia Beach Mayoral and City Council candidates the same five questions. Their unedited responses will be published at on Oct. 23 and 24.

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