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Colonial Williamsburg Submits Application for New Archaeology Center

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(WYDaily Media) WILLIAMSBURG -- The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation (CWF) has submitted an application package to the Williamsburg City...

Local Author to Give Lecture on Victory Monument

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YORKTOWN -- The York County Historical Committee and the York County Historical Museum will host author Maria Hepner for a lecture on the Yorktown...

Historic First Baptist Church Original Permanent Structure Discovered During Archaeological Dig

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WILLIAMSBURG -- The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation (CWF) has announced the discovery of what archaeologists believe to be the first permanent structure of Historic First...

Oddities & Curiosities: Blackbeard’s Head (Part 1)

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WILLIAMSBURG -- Gather 'round while we spin a yarn about one of the piratical sort. With guns, ships, pillaging, and a blazing beard, its...

Oddities & Curiosities: The Kane Murder Trial (Part 2)

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HAMPTON -- Last week, we began discussing the tragic story of Jenny Graham Kane. Her husband, Elisha Kent Kane III, had entered into an...

Oddities & Curiosities: The Kane Murder Trial (Part 1)

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HAMPTON ROADS -- Many dark stories include certain elements: a salacious undercurrent, a plot that seems to stretch the bounds of reality, and characters...

Gov. Northam Releases Statement Following Removal of Lee Statue

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RICHMOND -- Following the Wednesday, Sept. 8 removal of Richmond's statue of Robert E. Lee on Monument Avenue, Gov. Ralph Northam issued a statement. RELATED...

A Look Back at Virginia’s National Parks [PHOTO GALLERY]

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STATEWIDE -- Across the country, Aug. 25 is recognized as National Park Service Day. For the anniversary of the National Park Service's birthday, let's...