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ROMA: A Forgotten Local Tragedy (Part 3)

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In the final edition of this special three-part series, find out the ultimate fate of the U.S. Army dirigible, ROMA, and that of her 45 officers, crew, and civilians.

ROMA: A Forgotten Local Tragedy (Part 1)

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Nov. 15, 2021, the U.S. Army dirigible ROMA, flew in the United States for the first time. Learn more about this pivotal event in local history in the first of this multi-part series.

On this Day in History: Victory Over Japan Day

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INTERNATIONAL -- On Sept. 2, 1945, Allied forces collectively came together to celebrate the official surrender of Japan in the wake of many years...

Museum Movie Matinee Premieres New Videos that Tell the Story of the U.S. Army Transportation Corps

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This is a special guest post for Williamsburg-Yorktown Daily (WYDaily). -Ed. FORT EUSTIS -- Artifacts and newly re-made archived video took center stage at the U.S....

A Look Back at Virginia’s National Parks [PHOTO GALLERY]

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STATEWIDE -- Across the country, Aug. 25 is recognized as National Park Service Day. For the anniversary of the National Park Service's birthday, let's...

Semper Paratus: Coast Guard Celebrates 231 Years

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NATIONWIDE -- A very Happy Coast Guard Day to all of the local Coasties in the Historic Triangle.  Coast Guard Day is celebrated every Aug....

Governor Announces New Historic Markers in Honor of AAPI Month

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RICHMOND -- On Tuesday, August 3, the office of Governor Ralph Northam announced five new historical highway markers to be submitted for final approval...

The Uncle He Never Met: Norfolk Resident Recalls Relative Who Perished During Pearl Harbor Attacks

HAMPTON -- A cigar box containing letters and telegrams from the West Coast and eventually Pearl Harbor, newspaper clippings of the Japanese attacks at...