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Local Community College to Offer Virginia’s First Funeral Directing Degree

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HAMPTON ROADS -- Tidewater Community College (TCC) has announced that it will introduce a new funeral directing degree this fall. This is the first...

W&M Theatre presents: “Dance of the Orcas”

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WILLIAMSBURG -- One play will showcase a mother’s grief, community support and the concept of letting go, all through the eyes of an orca...
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Coronavirus: Red Cross offers virtual care center for families who have lost loved ones

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The American Red Cross Virginia has launched a Virtual Family Assistance Center to support families struggling with loss and grief due to the ongoing...
The Hospice House & Support Care of Williamsburg continues to offer bereavement services during the coronavirus. (WYDaily/ File photo)

How has hospice care changed during the coronavirus?

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The coronavirus pandemic continues to alter lives, changing the way people live, work and play. It also changed the very fabric of society, touching every...
William & Mary School of Education doctoral counseling students conducted a study on the often overlooked grief experienced by fathers after a miscarriage. (WYDaily/Courtesy W&M School of Education)

Examining fathers’ grief after miscarriage

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Fathers’ grief after a miscarriage is often overlooked. A trio of doctoral counseling students in the William & Mary School of Education set out...