Monday, August 15, 2022

Churchgoer at Poquoson church arrested after snapping photos under teenager’s dress

(Trinity United Methodist Church- Courtesy Google Maps)
(Trinity United Methodist Church-
Courtesy Google Maps)

Authorities arrested a Poquoson man who used his cellphone in church to snap photos under the dress of a fellow teenage churchgoer and later downloaded the images to his laptop, according to Poquoson Police. 

William Don Suave Jr., 21, was released on bond following his arrest March 14, according to Lt. Gregory Deaver, Poquoson Police Department.  Suave is charged with production of child pornography.

Following an investigation, police believed there was probable cause and obtained a search warrant filed in York County – Poquoson Circuit Court on March 6  to seize Suave’s cellphone and his laptop. 

Police believe on Feb. 26 Suave, while attending services at Trinity United Methodist Church located in the 1200 block of Poquoson Avenue, followed around a teenage girl who was a fellow church member.

As Suave followed her, he took pictures of her body with his cellphone camera, and “taken in a manner as to show her female [parts] from underneath dress she was wearing,” according to the search warrant.  

The search warrant also states Suave admits to taking pictures using his Samsung cell phone, by following her around the church property. He also admits to later transferring the images to his laptop computer, without the teenager’s knowledge or consent.

The matter will be heard in York-Poquoson Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.




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