Sunday, October 1, 2023

Artist Extravaganza Show at WCAC is Now Open

The newly renovated Blue Building. (Photo courtesy of WCAC)
(Photo courtesy of WCAC)

WILLIAMSBURG — With artwork selected from both member and non-member candidates, the Artist Extravaganza at the Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center is officially open as of April 5.

Artists were allowed to exhibit up to twelve pieces (or sets) as space allowed. All of the pieces are also for sale, with some of the money going back to WCAC and the rest going to the artist for the work.

A variety of 3-D media was allowed for submission to the show, including but not limited to pottery, jewelry, glass, wood, metal, sculpture, clothing, other textiles, decorative painting, household items, garden items, and furniture.

WCAC mentioned in its newsletter that the Fireside Gallery saw a “big turnout” with its theme “All About Color!”

It will also feature new items in its Artist Corner.

The show will continue through May 19 at WCAC. For more information, visit the official Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center website.

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