Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Green Cauldron Apothecary Continues to Grow and Give Back to the Community

(Provided by the Green Cauldron Apothecary)

WILLIAMSBURG — The Green Cauldron Apothecary in Norge has kicked off festivities early this season, on the lookout for a charity to give to this year as well as looking at opening a new storefront.

Since the store’s opening in 2019, The Green Cauldron Apothecary has worked to raise money for several nonprofits and charities to help those in need. Previous organizations the store has donated to include Good Samaritan and the Williamsburg Women’s Shelter. This year it is hoping to find another new organization to donate to.

“We’re looking for suggestions on some things or places that we can donate to this year that would help make an impact in our actual community, you know our little community over this way,” said store owner Amanda Parrish.

Currently, The Green Cauldron Apothecary is decorated with a festive display of Halloween Fun featuring locally grown pumpkins from Lofty Dreams Farm. Lofty Dreams Farm, a regular at the Toano farmer’s market, came out to help set up the display outside of the store.

(Provided by the Green Cauldron Apothecary)

“I wanted it to feel magical,” Parrish said. “The whole concept for the shop all of these years has been to just bring a little bit of magic for people to the area. And I wanted it to just feel like you were a kid again. I wanted it to heal your inner child and just make you want to run through these giant pumpkins.”

Throughout the month of October, the store will be giving customers 10% off their purchase if they take a photo with the display and post it to social media tagging the store. Next month, the store is looking to start fundraising and gathering donations for a local charity or organization.

The strong support from the community has allowed The Green Cauldron Apothecary to consider expanding, as well. The store hopes to open a second location in historic Charlottesville in early 2023. Parrish specifically chose the location, but says it will not take away from any of the magic of her first store. She sees it as an opportunity to help those who travel long distances to reach her store, so they will not have to drive quite as far.

Memories of her grandmother influenced Parrish in creating the store — the herbal and food gardens her grandmother would grow and the remedies she was taught to make her feel better. After opening the store, she expanded into crystals, as well.

“My childhood was so beautiful because of her,” Parrish said. “So when she passed away, I knew that I needed a place where I could always remember her and I could share with the rest of the world what she taught me and how it made me feel.”

Those interested in suggesting a nonprofit to support this year can reach out to Parrish at To keep up with what is happening at the store, follow its Facebook page.

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