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Spotlight: A Logo For You is helping businesses in a new way [Free read]

Since 1987, A Logo For You has been helping businesses brand themselves with custom well, everything!

Need to add your logo to new employee hats, soccer team shirts, church coffee mugs? A Logo For You has you covered.

This locally-owned company has helped over 5,000 businesses since beginning to offer their screen-printing, embroidering, customized products, and laser engraving services.

Something NEW they’re doing? Any time a business works with A Logo For You, their new(ish) sales and marketing guru steps in to spotlight them!

Rory Barber, Marketing & Sales, A Logo For You

Rory Barber has been with the company since August. One of his new ideas for the company is to help the businesses they work with be featured on their social media accounts.

Recently, Rory visited Colonial Veterinary Clinic staff to snag some social media content. The entire staff brought their personal pets in to be featured in the photo.

Not only was this a fun photo for the team to have and enjoy, its also a great way to help BOTH A Logo For You and Colonial Veterinary Clinic feature their services.

How did it help A Logo For You? The whole veterinary team was wearing their new logo’d pullover sweatshirts!

Rory really enjoys giving back to their customers while “capturing them in their own environment.”

If you’re in the market for new gear, giveaways, or promotional items, visit the A Logo For You showroom to get started.

You’ll be able to look through the HUNDREDS of different shirt options, hat choices, plaques, trophies, pens, tote bags, and so much more.

Once you find the item you’re looking for, a two-week turn-around time on most items will have you branded in the very best way.

What’s next? Rory will come visit you at your business for some fun photos so THEY can promote YOU! What a win-win partnership with a beloved local business.

Visit the A Logo For You showroom at 100 Stafford Court in Williamsburg, VA.

Want to work remotely with them? Head to their website where you can even design your own t-shirt virtually!

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