Tuesday, October 3, 2023

New Additions Expand, Enhance William & Mary’s Sadler Center

(WY Daily/Jillian Appel)

WILLIAMSBURG — Recently completed new additions to William & Mary’s Sadler Center will provide more spaces and amenities for students on campus.

The three-story, 53,000-square-foot addition is “open and airy,” says Kimberly L. Weatherly, assistant dean and director of the Center for Student Diversity, with spaces and state-of-the-art amenities. A walk down its long, glass-paneled hallway, named the “Student Life Concourse,” presents students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to visit an assortment of offices, meeting rooms, study halls, and lounges.

“Student unions help make memories and build community on campuses,” said Eric Margiotta, director of Student Unions & Engagement. “Sometimes we call the Sadler Center a ‘House of Serendipity’ because you don’t necessarily know what’s going to happen around the corner. There’s always going to be something fun and different and exciting.”

The new additions to the building have different layouts in order to accommodate various student needs. The first floor of the building is set up with privacy in mind for offices such as Student Accessibility Services and includes the newly updated testing center.

Student Testing Room in the newly expanded Sadler Center at William & Mary (WY Daily/ Jillian Appel)

“There were about 80 students who were receiving support [in accommodations], now we’ll see about 1,800 students who will receive support,” says Drew Stelljes, Associate Vice President for Student Engagement and Leadership. “So it’s a combination of providing access to these types of support mechanisms [the testing center] and also students who are coming in with already known diagnosis that we want to be able to support and help them flourish while they’re here.”

William & Mary’s student newspaper, The Flat Hat, and radio station WCWM have also moved into the expanded part of the building, and the Union Central game lounge has new billiards tables for students to enjoy.

Union Central lounge in Sadler Center at William & Mary (WY Daily/ Jillian Appel)

The second floor features a glass exterior with the goal of providing an open space to encourage spontaneous interactions between students. There is also a smaller recreational space called “The Slice,” which will be used for smaller student performances.

The Slice at the Sadler Center (WY Daily/ Jillian Appel)

The third floor now features a brand new prayer space available for meditation and prayer. There is also a cleansing station and curtains for privacy if desired.

Prayer and Meditation Room at the Sadler Center (WY Daily/ Jillian Appel)

William & Mary will be hosting a block party on Sept. 8 from 5-8 p.m. to celebrate the grand opening of the newly expanded Sadler Center, which will feature live performances, artists, and a Zipline for people to enjoy.

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