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York County Mosquito Control Cautions Residents About West Nile Virus

(Photo by Jimmy Chan from Pexels)

YORK COUNTY — Despite recent tests conducted in Lower York County producing positive West Nile Virus results, York County Mosquito Control Division is not aware of reported cases of West Nile Virus in humans or animals in York County at this time.

Mosquito Control routinely samples mosquitoes throughout the county for common mosquito-borne illnesses. It also conducts a comprehensive larvicide and spray program from late spring to early fall, according to a press release.    

Ground spraying is scheduled for the following areas on Friday, July 1, between midnight and 5 a.m.:

  • Tabb Lakes
  • Lilburne Meadows
  • Finch Terrace
  • Faison Green
  • Smithy Glen
  • Presson Arbor
  • York Meadows
  • Parts of the Greenlands

Mosquito Control recommends using insect repellent and long sleeves and pants to cover exposed skin. Residents are also encouraged to pick up mosquito dunks from the Waste Management Center, Public Works office or the Tabb Library.

Mosquito dunks are a natural mosquito control product that uses a bacteria mosquito larva ingest that kills mosquitoes, but will not harm other creatures. The dunks are offered free of charge to citizens. A dunk treats 100 square feet, lasts 30 days, and may be broken up to treat smaller areas.

Mosquito Control stresses it is important for residents and businesses to regularly tip and toss any standing water on their property, particularly in tires, flower pots, tarps, toys and bird baths. Residents may request free yard inspections to identify areas of standing water.

Mosquito Control will also provide mosquito fish for ornamental ponds or any other area of permanent standing water free of charge. Those interested should contact Mosquito Control.

For more information about West Nile Virus, please visit the Virginia Department of Health website.  Those concerned about symptoms in someone who has recently experienced a mosquito bite should contact a medical provider.

Additional information is available:

For more information, contact York County Mosquito Control at 757-890-3790 or visit yorkcounty.gov/mosquitocontrol.

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