The final clue is revealed for new Busch Gardens coaster

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The final clue is in.

In a lightning-filled video on social media, Busch Gardens Williamsburg released its final clue about the identity of a new roller coaster Tuesday, several weeks after the park first released a video identifying July 30 as the official coaster reveal date.

Here’s the clue: “Ascend to the epic crescendo and come face-to-face with Jupiter, the King of all Roman gods. #MMXX.”

The other clues have revolved around other Roman gods, including Pluto, Mercury, Neptune and Minerva.

On Facebook, Busch Gardens said users can tag a friend in the post comments and have the chance at being one of 10 winners who can attend the July 30 theme announcement.

If chosen, the person can also bring one guest.

The giveaway will close Thursday at 11:59 p.m., and winners will be chosen at random on Friday. Rules for entering the giveaway can be found on the Busch Gardens website.

The ride, known for now as Project 2020 or MMXX, will likely be a high-intensity Intamin multi-launch coaster, according to Busch Gardens Fans, a group of amusement park enthusiasts.

The ride will top out around 180 feet, which is far less than the original 315-foot height waiver approved for the ride back in 2017.

The project intended for the 315-foot height waiver was called “Madrid” in ride plans, which were scrapped and changed to MMXX sometime between the height waiver’s approval and February 2019.

Ride plans for MMXX show the coaster will have magnets in multiple sections of track that will propel trains forward. There is also a mid-course switch track, which will change the train’s course in between passes.

The ride is currently under construction, and Busch Gardens Fans recently posted a photo on Instagram showing concrete footers taking shape at the site.

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